Meet the Founders


Carletta Grier Williams


Since being Founded in 1991, there have been many rewarding moments in our work here at C.I.A.J. World Youth Alliance.  From the beginning, these works were based on the principles of leadership, empowerment and spiritual development.

We have witnessed the fact that leaders produce leaders and dont maintain followers. It has been that type of focus along with spiritual inspiration, which has enabled us to move forward while igniting the path for others to follow.

The truth is that deep within each one of us is a longing for something more than a second hand experience to make a difference.  This deeper fulfillment is majorly realized when we invest in each other

C.I.A.J.  World Youth Alliance is producing leaders and building alliances that will stand the test of time. A beckoning call has been issued for others to join this initiative.

As the mantle is passed to new leadership,  it is our hope that you will continue to stand with us as we defend the least of these mobilize, empower and commission them to  Change Our World.


Carletta Grier Williams is the Founder and CEO of C.I.A.J (Count It All Joy) World Youth Alliance, Inc. an Atlanta-based nonprofit corporation established in 1991 to empower youth for local citizenship and global leadership.

Her professional achievement also includes a highly successful career as a Senior Research Scientist and Inventor holding several U.S. and International medical and surgical device Patents for Fortune 500 Corporations (Carletta Grier, Grier-Idris)

The Atlanta Business League and Who's Who Publishing Company collaboration recognized Ms. Williams achievements (Carletta Grier Idris) by including her in the 2002, 2003 Edition of Whos Who In Black Atlanta .

Carletta, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., is also a Realtor and a Speaker. She keeps her eyes on the future, while travelling; conducting seminars on Christian Women Leadership in conjunction with the 2017 launch of her new book, "Crushedpepper".

Her views on Faith, Leadership, Empowerment, and Fulfilling the Vision are well respected and have helped educate and positively influence people of all walks of life.

This highly innovative and creatively charged leader is a frequent speaker addressing religious, civic and business associations.



The late - The late Rev. Roosevelt Grier and Mrs. Bobbie Alford Grier were co-founders and parents of the founder.  Ms. Bobbie A. Grier, a nurse by profession for 30 years, travelled along with her family extensively to numerous countries to support children and families in villages as well as to work in medical clinics.

She served as host to over 200 youth as part of International Youth Exchange Programs. 

 Her life revolved around youth, elderly, the homeless and domestic and international missions.

She spoke to many churches, schools, and organizations on the needs of children.  Mrs. Grier authored two books, concerning youth, drugs, teenage pregnancy, gangs and murder among youth, entitled,  "Parents: Plug It Up And Listen To Their Cries" and   I Told Ya.

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